Inheritance Of The Long Teacher Road Mido Midi Watch Tribute To Teachers’ Day

are elaborate and elegant decorations on the wrist. They have been baptized by time and settled into eternal classics. Behind the scenes are the full-hearted commitment of generations of craftsmen and the passing of the fire, integrating tradition The soul of every watch. The same goes for Swiss Mido. From 1918 to 2012, since George Salon founded the ‘Mido’ brand in Zurich, Switzerland, nearly a century has passed, and today’s watchmakers are as polished and assembled as every one of them. When their strong hearts began to beat, today’s respect for their predecessors also quietly flowed out with the sound of ‘tickling’, applauding the civilization passed on by fire and fire, and forging eternal time together.
    Teachers are like water, and good is like water. Water is good for everything without dispute. The teacher is as imminent as the sea, he can live and breathe, regardless of gains and losses, the only thing he wants is his disciples. The Mido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, exuding a strong maritime atmosphere, making people wonder about the world as broad as the teacher’s mind. To complement the slender beauty of women, the diameter of this watch’s dial is designed to be 31 mm, but the smooth and elegant curves and the fresh silver stainless steel have widened the reading field of vision, although small but open; the swirling Geneva wave is decorated on the dial As if the propellers are spinning quickly, it awakens the cool white water splashes, awakens the tranquil sea, and increases the depth of the watch; the transparent bottom cover also adds a translucent texture, as clear as the sea water.
    The finishing touch is the eight diamonds on the dial. These eight diamonds are exquisite and clear, and they hold the quite dynamic swirling ripples on the dial. There is stillness and relaxation in the movement. As a teacher, the spring wind and rain, but they have a solemn spirit; the polished hands are perfectly natural. , Firm, capable and stern. Scratch-resistant sapphire mirror and 50-meter water resistance increase the durability of this watch.
    Teaching teachers and scholars with rigor and conscientiousness can only be regarded as an example. The Mido Belem Sairee Observatory Ladies Watch uses a Swiss Observatory-certified mechanical movement to accurately record every minute and every second. The Swiss Observatory certification has strict requirements on the chamfering of the edges of the parts, the material of the balance spring and balance wheel, and the daily error. This is like the meticulous research spirit of the teacher before the case. The inspiration source of watch design-Milan Emmanuel II Arcade, inherits the elegance of classical architecture, and is also the originator of modern sealed glass shopping center. Inheritance and innovation, the perfect combination of the two makes the arcade The glass dome still shines under the blue sky, exuding charming charm. The women’s dial of the Belem Sairee Observatory is surrounded by atmospheric Roman numerals, and the gingival pattern creates a sense of layering and extension, which is an inheritance of the classic spirit; the bevel-cut diamond hands are sharp and unstoppable. The thirst for fresh ideas and inspiration. Mentoring scholars also pay attention to innovation, standing on the shoulders of giants, and going out of their own way. The all-steel strap is made of high-grade 316L stainless steel, which blends naturally with the bezel, exuding solemn silver light throughout. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror and 50 meters of water resistance enhance the practicality of this series of watches.

Baek Philippe’s First Correction Table

Patek Philippe made a major announcement: From now on, every Patek Philippe movement will include silicon components. If this is not enough to attract enough attention from the watchmaking industry, then the brand’s new watch released in Geneva stores on Wednesday night must not be ignored.
At the Geneva boutique, Patek Philippe’s latest calendar correction table Ref 5235 is on display. © Worldtempus / Louis Nardin
    The brand put three firsts into this watch. On Wednesday night, Thierry Stern and his wife, Sandrine, who is also the head of the creative department, proudly displayed the brand’s song three-pin one-line watch at the Geneva store. As Stern mentioned in an exclusive interview, Ref 5235-which also includes an annual calendar-was inspired by a clock in his father’s Philippe Stern office.
Thierry and Sandrine Stern personally introduce the Patek Philippe’s first three-hand, one-line watch Ref 5235. © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr
    Secondly, this timepiece represents Patek Philippe’s first watch with a stopwatch function. ‘No support is needed now,’ explains Thierry Stern. ‘Technology is mature.’ Here, the frequency of this movement is unheard of 3.2 Hz (23,040 vibrations per hour). ‘For accuracy and power reserve, this is the best frequency we aspire to,’ he continued. Finally, the Caliber 31-260 REG QA was fortunate to be Patek Philippe’s first movement designed with three silicon components: an escape wheel, a lever and a hairspring.
Caliber 31-260 REG QA is a self-winding movement with a pearl tourbillon. This watch with a diameter of 40.5 mm is 10.65 mm thick. © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr

    ‘We didn’t make such improvements for ourselves,’ Stern emphasized. ‘The new trait is the satisfaction of our customers.’
Another brand new element is the Patek Philippe emblem engraved on the gray face plate, which brings endless elegance. © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr

Vacheron Constantin Metiers D’ Art Series “Fabuleux Ornements Legend Decoration” Creates A New Horizon

Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’ Art master ‘Fabuleux Ornements’ series invites you to embark on a trip to the world of decorative arts, bringing you the unique charm of decorative arts in different cultures. Two years after the first release of the series, Vacheron Constantin has launched four new watches, continuing the series with a variety of arts and crafts carved into the art, and engraved with the characteristics of the new works of the Geneva mark.

 Ten master craftsmen reinterpreted the artistic charm of Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lace with superb skills. These pieces are equipped with exquisite hand-carved movements: 18K gold 1003 ultra-thin movement. The decoration on the front of the movement is extremely exquisite, the finest point is only about one tenth of a millimeter, and the reverse side uses Vacheron Constantin’s unique chamfering and hand-carving technology, retaining its pure and unique appearance.

 Traditional art blends with different cultures. The ‘Indian Manuscript’ timepiece uses a large flame filled enamel and hand-carved crafts, highlighting its excellent skills. The ‘Ottoman Architecture’ timepiece is hand-chamfered, and the gold pane is set with semi-pearl grains and placed on a purple mother-of-pearl substrate. The ‘French Lace’ timepiece uses a translucent machine-engraved big fire enamel dial, and the gold chassis is decorated with an organic engraving pattern, which makes the transparent enamel show a delicate layering and is inlaid with rubies and diamonds. The fourth timepiece is ‘Chinese embroidery’. The dial is outlined with platinum reeling and emerald inlaid. This dial is carved from mother-of-pearl, decorated with pink opal cut and carved by gem carving, and is embellished with delicate gold leaves and stamens.

 For more than 260 years, Vacheron Constantin has persistently used arts and crafts to add the beauty of timepieces, and has been used to produce the most exquisite works since the brand was founded. Hand engraving is this challenging process that requires the patience and skill of the craftsman. The first timepiece manufactured by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 was already equipped with a carved balance plate. As an expert in this extremely complex field, Vacheron Constantin has shown endless creativity and used the engraving process on various complicated movements, while skillfully combining with other art processes.

Hermes Everything Under Control

From the upstream raw material supply to the downstream retail stores, Hermès has been adhering to an endogenous growth strategy for many years. More than 75% of its products are produced in-house, which can be described as the entire luxury goods industry. The most ‘independent’ brand. While continuously increasing the overall scale, this also fully explained the continuous improvement of Hermès’ profitability. Its net profit margin not only increased by about 14 percentage points from the beginning of listing, but also significantly better than LVMH, even with higher profitability. Coach, a light luxury brand, is not its rival.

9In September 2013, the French financial regulator AMF finally ruled that LVMH Group was fined 8 million euros for the private acquisition of Hermes shares before 2010. LVMH Group said it would not appeal. In the eyes of its head Arnold, Hermes’ 23.1% equity and 8 million euros, the two are important and obvious. As one of the few brands in the luxury industry still controlled by families, Hermès has enough capital to make this luxury crocodile pay patience and money. Although no one can predict, what will happen in the end.

Starting from the ‘Horse Workshop’ in 1837, Hermès has now become a top luxury brand with annual revenue of about 3.5 billion euros. Its sales have tripled since its launch in 1993. Not only does its subsidiary Birkin and Kelly have a long ‘customer waiting list’, it is obviously its profitability that makes Arnott covet. In 2012, Hermes stated in its annual report that the operating profit margin reached a record high, and the operating profit margin of 35% in the first half of 2013 showed that it had once again surpassed; the net profit attributable to the parent company experienced a ‘bottleneck period’ after many years After that, it also reached a new high, not only an increase of about 14 percentage points from the beginning of the listing, but also has certain advantages compared to 12.19% of LVMH or 20.39% of Coach, which represents light luxury (Figure 1).

All this is thanks to the endogenous growth strategy Hermes has been adhering to for many years. To a certain extent, it may also be the most ‘independent’ brand in the luxury industry, because more than 75% of its products come from its 45 workshops. Not only do all the leather goods be arranged by themselves, but they also have several leather factories. At the downstream end of the industry chain, the policy of ’emphasizing direct sales and selling lightly’ has been implemented for decades. Although it has slowed down the pace of opening stores in recent years, both the revenue scale and profitability have risen. For Hermès, it is a natural and gradual process to continue to extend the industrial chain and gradually strengthen the control in all aspects, until finally everything is under control and it becomes the true ‘maker’ of luxury goods.

Vertical integration

1In January 2013, Hermès acquired Annonay, a French cowhide manufacturer, to strengthen its control in the upstream of the leather goods industry chain. Prior to this, it had owned 3 factories for processing rare leather. This not only guarantees the quality of leather produced by Hermès, but also makes it play a middleman role in the leather industry chain-selling raw leather to other luxury brands in 2012 generated 69 million euros in revenue. In recent years, the major groups have been increasingly competing for leather materials, Hermès has undoubtedly established its own advantages.

Today, Hermes leather products are produced by more than 2,000 highly trained artisans located throughout France. In order to cope with the growing consumer demand for leather products, based on the acquisition of three leather workshops in the first 10 years, it added two more workshops and more than 200 artisans in 2012.

Although the average price of 300 euros of scarves and 6000 euros of Birkin handbags are not at all on the order of magnitude, for the silk scarves that need to be completed through seven sessions and lasted 18 months, Hermes also grabbed the source and controlled it. From the purchase of silk raw materials, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing to the final manual crimping. In order to ensure quality, Hermès also has a textile company that specializes in the development of various technologies related to fabric design, coloring and weaving. This textile company also owns 39.5% of Perrins & Fils, a leader in the knitting industry. , And gradually enhance their professional skills through cooperation with them. In 2012, Hermès acquired a new dyeing factory.

Even for the tableware sector with revenue of 60 million euros, which only contributed 2% of the group’s revenue, Hermès has spared no effort in its vertical integration. As early as the 1980s, it became a famous French glassware manufacturer Saint-Louis and silverware manufacturer Puiforcat. Major shareholder. And in 2011, he set up a joint venture with Italian fabric expert Dedar and began to study related interior design and decoration skills, including wallpaper.

From the perspective of the company’s structure, in addition to perfume, the remaining five departments of Hermès currently introduce foreign aid to strengthen their own strength or extend upstream to increase control over the supply chain. Benefit maximization has helped Hermès reduce costs to a certain extent and achieved continuous improvement in profitability. ‘Make a line, drill a line, make a line, refine a line’, although simple, it is not easy to do, and Hermès has always done it. In the silk business, the vertical integration process has been up to 75 years ago, and it is still continued. Now, it has started to do the same in the field of watches.

Unlike other departments stationed in France, Hermès’s watch department (La Montre Hermès) was built in the watch kingdom Switzerland from the beginning. The consideration of “the moon is near the water tower” shows Hermès’ determination. In the beginning, brands such as Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet produced watches for them. From these collaborators, Hermès learned the original skills of watchmaking. It was not until 1978 that its watch department was formally established, and Hermès began to move towards becoming a true watchmaker.

In 2006, in order to master the core technology of watches and clocks, Hermès invested 25 million Swiss francs to buy a 25% stake in Swiss high-end movement maker Vaucher. Prior to this, Vaucher had been the supplier of its movements for 3 years. . In the production of watch cases and dials, Hermès has repeated the tricks, cooperating and then investing in shares, and has successively become the watch case manufacturer Joseph Erard (32.5%, 2011) and the watchmaker Natéber (100%, 2012 ) Shareholders. According to the person in charge of its watch department, 95% of Hermès watches currently starting at 3,000 euros have been produced in-house, and in some models, this proportion is even as high as 98%. You know, Hermès is also the only watchmaking company in the world that produces its own straps. Its first intimate contact with watches began in 1912 with leather straps.

After infiltration in the industrial chain in recent years, in addition to the surface of outsourcing, in the production of watches, Hermes is the only pointer that has not been touched. Obviously, this product that requires large-scale industrial production to achieve economies of scale and Hermes Not very tuned. In fiscal 2012, against the background of the overall slowdown in the growth of Swiss watch production, the Hermès watch department still submitted a transcript of 173 million euros in revenue, contributing 5% to the group’s revenue (Figure 2).

Emphasis on direct management, not authorization

进一步 In order to further expand the watch business, in addition to cooperating with dealers, since 2009, Hermès has begun to build specialized direct watch stores. At present, there have been 20 stores ranging from 50 to 120 square meters. The practice of opening a direct-operated store not only conforms to the trend of watchmaking companies to gather together to build their own channels in recent years, but more importantly, it is in the same vein as Hermès has always insisted on “focusing on direct sales and neglecting authorization”.

Authorized stores were once the main way for Hermès to explore overseas markets. Since the 1980s, Hermès has widely distributed authorized marketing points in the United States, Japan, other Asian countries and Pacific Rim countries, and has successfully stepped out of France and Europe. By the early 1990s, its authorized marketing points distributed around the world had exceeded 225 In 1994, the revenue from overseas markets accounted for almost half of the total revenue.

此 But since then, Hermès has adjusted its strategy, gradually replacing authorization with direct management, and tightened its control over the channel. From 1999 to 2012, it opened an average of 7.6 directly-operated stores each year, while authorized stores only increased by 1.5 each year. Under this pace of shop opening, by the turn of the century, the number of directly operated stores and authorized stores was almost the same. At the moment, the former is close to twice that of the latter, accounting for more than 63% of the overall channel (Figure 3). . In 2011, after cooperating with local agents for 10 years, two authorized dealerships originally operating in Moscow were also included by Hermès. The Chinese brand “Xia Shang”, which was founded in 2008, previously only opened two directly-operated stores in Shanghai and Beijing. In September 2013, its third store finally appeared in Paris, France, and was exclusively sold by Hermès. The shop is adjacent.

On the whole, Hermès’s store opening speed is not fast. No matter whether it is compared with LVMH or Coach, it is a model of steadiness. In the period of unprecedented prosperity of the luxury goods industry from 2003 to 2007, the total increase of Hermès directly-operated stores + authorized dealerships was only 42, and LVMH and Coach expanded at a rate of more than 20 and 50 each year, respectively. In the past two years, although it has continued to enter new markets, Hermès’s store opening speed has slowed significantly, and it has focused on increasing single-store sales. In 2012, it only opened two new stores in Wuhan and Taichung, and they are all concentrated in the Chinese market.

Obviously, the Asia-Pacific region, and especially China, has become a major town for Hermès formation. In 2012, sales in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) not only led other markets with a growth rate of 14%, but also contributed significantly to the Group’s overall sales by 4 percentage points to 32% over the previous year (Figure 4). In the first half of 2013, although the Chinese market was facing multiple adverse effects, the entire Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) continued to grow with the American market with a 17% increase as the main driving force for the Group’s business growth.

Ultimate In Simplicity Three Classic Tudor Watches Recommended

Tudor, as the younger brother of Rolex, has perfectly inherited the performance of Rolex watches in terms of durability. Some people say that the only difference between Tudor and Rolex is the difference between the movements. Rolex uses the self-produced movement, while Tudor uses the ETA movement, and others say Tudor is the best watch among all watches with ETA movements. Today, the Watch House recommends three classic Tudor watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Tudor Junya series 72033-62453 watch

Watch Series: Jun Xun Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18k Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 32 mm
Domestic public price: 24100
Watch details: BLACK BAY series 79220R stainless steel watch

Watch series: HERITAGE BLACK BAY series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 28500
Details of the watch: Heritage Black Bay is designed with today’s popular elements, but its inspiration is taken from a diving watch released in 1954. Since its introduction, Tudor has been innovating this watch until the 1980s. Its arched dial displays exquisite vintage-style details, rare burgundy bezels and “snowflake” hands, which make this iconic model stand out from many divers’ watches.

Tudor prince calendar series 72033-62453 10di watch

Watch series: Prince and Princess series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18k Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 32 mm
Domestic public price: 32700
Watch details: tudor / 14238 /
Watch comments: For many people at Tudor, it is said that there are too many Rolex shadows on them. This gold watch should be value-for-money in terms of materials. From the perspective of hardware equipment, only the date display function is available. The design of the drum reading is the same as that of Rolex. Although the function is simple, it is very worthwhile to look at from the price point of view. It is not difficult to understand why it has become the best-selling style of Tudor.

Summary: The Tudor watch is a brand that makes the best use of ETA movements. The ETA movements are polished and modified, so it is better than the ETA movements of other brands. If you only buy an ETA movement, Watches, I think Tudor watches are the best choice.

Moon Phase And Acacia Tasting Senator Glasutti Series Watch

From the perspective of the brand, the moon phase function is undoubtedly a technical challenge. In order to show that the watchmaker is skilled, the birth of the moon phase watch means that a brand’s technical capabilities are strong. From a user’s perspective, the actual function of the moon phase may not be of great artistic value. No one is fascinated by the moon phase function itself. It is more based on this function to extend taste, thought or a certain relationship, or even a person . Official model: 100-02-22-12-05

The charm of the Glashütte moon phase watch lies in one key word: location. The position of this moon phase is very decent, just like a curved moon will kiss the case. Official model: 100-02-22-12-05

For the watch itself, the superb craftsmanship of a good watch is often reflected in the details, and maybe the moment of flipping the case will make you fall in love with it. This case is made of stainless steel with perfect radian. Many brands will make stainless steel into a matte form, but one of the reasons why Glashütte did not design this way, I think it is because of its confidence in the material.

The crown of this watch is very beautiful, this crown is made of stainless steel, and the curvature is very moderate. We see that the LOGO engraved on the crown is very eye-catching, and the corners are very well treated. Good watches usually show the charm in the details, and the grasp of the details is more important than many large-scale designs.

The strap of this watch is made of crocodile leather. The use of black crocodile leather material makes the watch richer in quality, showing luxury and nobility. The origin of crocodile skins is different, but Glashütte chose the best leather as the strap of the watch, and it can be seen that a lot of thought was used.
 The non-crown side is very shiny, and Glashütte’s stainless steel is unmatched by other brands. That lustrous beauty is no less than that of precious metals.

This watch has a pin buckle, and the stainless steel clasp fixed on the back is also extremely smooth. This stainless steel buckle should avoid wear during use, because the shiny stainless steel material will affect the beauty and mood.

The lugs of this watch are relatively short, so that when they are worn, they fit more closely to the wrist and are also beautiful. This lug radian is very worthy of reference, because not every beautiful contour can bring comfort and security to the wrist.

For the dial itself, the white dial with blue hands fully demonstrates the characteristics of the Senator series. The beautiful moon phases are displayed between 7 and 8 o’clock on the dial, just like the moon has emotions, and is about to kiss your wrist or the entire earth.

This watch uses an automatic mechanical movement and has very powerful functions. The date display, day of the week display, month display, big calendar, perpetual calendar and moon phase functions, maybe this is the so-called impeccable. We can see that there is still the brand’s unique logo inside the back, which is enough to prove the precision and noble quality of Glashütte’s self-produced movement.

Summary: When we choose a watch, the function can only account for a part of the desire to buy. In fact, the eye contact is very wonderful, and the characteristic dial is more attractive. In addition to these, I think it is the consumer They all want to find a perfect material trust. Some charms are willing to bloom in flowers and plants, while others are more willing to be close to your heart. Official model: 100-02-22-12-05; Reference price: 180,500
More watch details: glashutte / 24882 /

Brilliant Calculations Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph

Montblanc’s strategic focus in 2017 is mainly on the new version of TimeWalker. TimeWalker is Montblanc’s ancestor series. It is the same as the brand kanban product of the 4810 just revised in 2016. However, after Jérôme Lambert took over as president, it forced the new product lines such as Heritage Spirit / Chronometrie to make these old ministers less on stage a lot of.

From the design point of view, TimeWalker has a partial American style whether it is new or old, and from the sales point of view, it is indeed the best watch series Montblanc sells in the United States, so this revision will naturally be regarded as the main US market, and Judging from the recent fluctuations in markets around the world, under the premise that China’s growth has continued to slow, it seems that the brand’s transfer to the relatively stable second largest market in the United States is also a reasonable strategy. In 2017, we saw that many brands have similar trends. Not just Montblanc.

The entire bezel is ceramic, not the color circle is embedded in the metal frame; the sides are carved like Paris nails, which are all so-called car racing elements. The numbers and scales on the circle are filled with inscriptions. , The three-dimensional feeling is quite good, but it is a bit thin

Feature one: Obvious makeover
This TimeWalker update is a big redesign from beginning to end. In addition to the same overall style, the specific design elements that are used are probably only the hollowed out lugs on the sides and the time stamp numbers on the dial, and they have also passed through. A reinterpretation of the designer. The old version of TimeWalker has been completely hollowed out on the side of the lugs. I like to hear opinions, but it is really labor-intensive in the molding of exterior gold parts. The new version greatly simplifies this design, only digging out a section at the same location. Slightly deep depressions, regardless of the structure, greatly reduce the difficulty of molding, but personally, I prefer the new simple and refined style.

A hollow was dug out on the side of the lug, in tribute to the old hollow-out lug. The entire case is made of hairline, and the surface treatment is a more efficient approach. It has not changed much, but the molding is beautiful. The overall appearance is quite neat.

Feature two: Material and design highlight CP value
In addition to these details, the overall lines of the lugs have also been modified. The original lugs are thinner and clearly separated from the case joint. In contrast, the new version is connected straight from the curved apex of the middle case. The case is more integrated, and it also significantly changes the appearance of the watch. There are not many elements on the surface, and almost all have clear functionality. Under the mature processing quality of today’s watchmaking industry, these simple elements also have considerable details. For example, the upper and lower chronograph dials have been three-dimensionalized, and the main disk surface has been painted with radial patterns. The bezel of each series of the series is all-ceramic, which should be very convincing for consumers who pay attention to CP value in sales.

The watch is equipped with Sellita SW500 movement. The early stability of SW500 has occasional problems. It is not as smooth as SW200 replacing 2824 in the popularity of replacing 7750. However, with the improvement of quality, more and more brands have been used in recent years.

Feature three: the racing style until the point
The official materials particularly emphasized that the new version of the design is intended to be a car race, and it does have the taste in color and some industrial details, but strictly speaking it is relatively implicit in the theme of the car, and there is no Pushing it towards too extreme attributes in one breath. Montblanc has always been very competitive at the price of 100,000, but in recent years, more and more brands have invested in this range, and Montblanc has to face more and more intense competition. The reorganization of the TimeWalker series may be regarded as They are actively fighting a move.

TimeWalker Automatic Chronograph

Stainless steel, ceramic material / MB 25.07 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price: about 31,000 RMB

Extremely Geometric Features Ernestborel Legend Series Men’s Mechanical Watch

[Special Report from Basel of Watches] On April 25, 2013, Swiss time, the 41st Basel International Watch Fair kicked off, as a watch home of the top watch industry A special reporting team was sent to Switzerland to bring the exhibition report to everyone in the first place. In order to continue Yibolu’s brand concept of ‘romantic moments, lifelong companion’, in 2008, Yibolu specially launched the upgraded version of the 1856 legendary series, which means that Yibolu has been upgraded to a higher level. Radial stripes in the center of the bottom of the dial add visual impact. The irregular texture distribution on the circumference and the Roman numeral scales are very geometric features, representing the power to release love and the freedom to pursue love, without being bound by tradition. At the Basel Watch Fair, the series also introduced many new products.

 This watch offers a variety of different styles to choose from, equipped with the original Swiss movement, it is really good.

 The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch

For more than 100 years, Cartier has fully exerted the charm of mysterious timepieces. The story begins with the mysterious clock. The reason why the mysterious clock is ‘mysterious’ is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds seem to be suspended above the transparent clock body without any connection to the movement. As admired by the 1925 fashion magazine ‘La Gazette du Bon Ton’, it is a ‘miracle in the history of watches and clocks’, Louis Cartier and Maurice Couet (1885- In 1963, he became the exclusive supplier of Cartier in 1911. In 1912, the first mysterious clock was born and named ‘Model A’. Morris Couet was inspired by the clock invented by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), the great French magician who was the pioneer of modern magic. The principle he borrowed and carried forward was based on a wonderful idea: the hands were not directly connected to the movement, but were fixed on two glass discs with jagged metal frames. The disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock), which rotates the hands to indicate the hours and minutes, respectively. Today, Cartier launches a new mysterious timepiece that inherits and reinterprets this unique craftsmanship in a modern style.

A new chapter in mysterious aesthetics
 Following the Mysterious Hour Watch and the Dual Mystery Tourbillon Watch, Cartier launches the Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch, equipped with a center escapement that rotates around the axis of the hands. Cartier’s mysterious aesthetics has opened a whole new chapter. All the mysteries lie in this delicate structure: the movement is surrounded by a transparent and mysterious atmosphere, like floating in the watch case, free from the constraints of gravity. The hidden gear of the movement is as small as possible, giving it breathtaking visual effects.
 The 9462 MC movement is light and agile. The central shaft consists of an escapement, a balance wheel, a gear train and a barrel. The minute hand is set on the long and narrow extension of the movement and rotates around the dial every hour. The movement trajectory of the movement itself is also clearly visible, like the bright stars that draw across the night sky, hanging in the void, without any connection. The movement components are stacked and assembled on four rotatable sapphire crystal wafer trays, showing a miraculous mysterious scene.
 The mysterious tourbillon of the Astromystérieux celestial body can not help but wonder: Is this a new type of tourbillon? Its barrel rotates synchronously with the escapement and does not seem to be connected to the crown at all. How does it wind up? How do I set the time? Cartier’s master watchmakers boldly innovate, making the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon mysterious tourbillon watch full of charm between motion and reality. Its manufacturing process has applied for many patents.
Dazzling new tourbillon
 The operating principle of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon is the same as the traditional tourbillon. The rotating frame is driven by fixed gears connected to the barrel. Unlike the traditional tourbillon, the frame of the Astromystérieux’s mysterious tourbillon is centered around the axis and rotates once per hour. Its structure is not only composed of an escapement and a balance wheel, but also a gear train and a barrel. A larger diameter sapphire crystal wafer plate serves as the lower bridge plate of the tourbillon frame, while the two upper bridge plates are fixed with a balance wheel and the other with an escapement, a gear train and a barrel. The tourbillon frame itself displays minutes during rotation. With the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch, Cartier takes the tourbillon’s aesthetics and craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Ingenious and mysterious concept
 The charm of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch goes beyond that. There are also three sapphire crystal wafer stacking combinations that make this timepiece unique.

• A disc displays hours
 The hour dial is directly connected to the tourbillon disc to display the time. The other two disks have larger diameters and are used to carry complex gear systems. In order to protect these parts, the watchmaker installed a new anti-vibration system on the rotating frame to cushion external shocks that may be encountered when wearing the watch.

• Mysterious disc winding system
 The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon has been patented. Its function is realized by a sapphire crystal wafer plate and crown. This unique and delicate disc is connected to the barrel only when it is wound. To this end, Cartier specially designed a suspension gear located between the crown handle and the winding disc. When the crown rotates, this gear moves to connect the crown with the winding disc. When the crown is at a standstill, the gear will be automatically released and the connection between the two will be disconnected. The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon also provides unique protection for manual winding mechanical movements. Thanks to a specially designed clutch system, the crown handle and barrel will not be damaged even when they are over wound.
• Set time with dual function sapphire wafer tray
 The lower disc located at the bottom of the movement plays a dual role: it is responsible for providing power for the normal rotation of the tourbillon frame; when the crown is pulled out, the setting time system is activated. This technology has been patented. Both of these functions are achieved through a unique leverage mechanism, and this breakthrough high-end technology has also been patented.

 When the watch is operating normally, the lever locks the sapphire crystal disc tightly. The disc in a fixed position can transmit power to the tourbillon frame through the escapement. When the crown is pulled out to the time setting position, the lever releases the lower sapphire crystal wafer plate and the tourbillon frame fixed on the minute gear to complete the time adjustment.
 The Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Tourbillon Mystery Tourbillon watch is made of 950 ‰ palladium and has a diameter of 43.5 mm. With this masterpiece of timepieces, Cartier wonderfully interprets the classics of fine watchmaking since 1912-the mysterious movement, giving this extraordinary design a new charm.
Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon
9462 MC movement
Case: 950 ‰ Palladium
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Crown: Bead-shaped crown set with a convex round blue sapphire
Hands: Apple-shaped stainless steel hands
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal and case back
Case thickness: 12 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Numbering and limited sale of 100 pieces
Also set with trapezoid-cut diamonds

Detailed Hollow Art Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton Watch Real Shot Tushang

The annual Geneva International Watch and Clock Fair is being held in full swing at the Palexpo Exhibition Center in Switzerland. The exhibition is now the 25th. Each session reflects to us the aesthetics and craftsmanship of high-end watches with a new look. As a well-known watch brand participating in the exhibition, Parmigiani has released a number of new products at this exhibition. The watch to be shown below is the new model of the Tonda 1950 Skeleton. The watch is displayed with exquisite hollow art. The unique skills of the brand.

Case in 18K rose gold

39 mm diameter
   The Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch reveals the amazingly complex mechanical devices and characteristics of ultra-thin watches. It is a tribute to simple and ultra-thin models, and it shows a kind of adherence to the tradition of watchmaking A insistence on the use of simple lines to create immortal beauty.

Although the watch is hollow, it has a delicate dial

Through the mirror, you can clearly see the beauty of the hands between the disks.

Polished and beautiful internal parts

   This watch is different in that the Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch has a dial, and the sapphire dial makes the dial perfect in appearance. Only a slight metal is applied to the bezel, which makes the movement elegant when embedded in the case. As for the Parmigiani logo on the dial, the usual arrangement and placement will destroy the harmonious beauty of the openwork movement. Therefore, the form of inlay on the top of the dial is intimately used.

Case thickness is only 8.4 mm

The crown and lugs are beautifully polished and elegantly shaped

Very detailed handling

See-through beauty at a glance
   This skeleton watch is equipped with a PF705 self-winding mechanical movement. Each bridge and main splint of the movement is open-worked with hollows, and the inside corners can be seen by the naked eye. They are entirely hand-crafted, which fully demonstrates Parmigiani’s exquisiteness. Watchmaking skills.
Summary: The five-day Geneva Haute Horlogerie show presented a unique visual feast for us, and we look forward to the reporting group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: